About Marcella's

Are you a Marcella's woman?

Marcella's was a dream that became reality in 2012. At that time we set up at gift shows, home parties and private events. In just one short year we were able to open our first physical location in the Lowry neighborhood of Denver. The original store featured women's clothing, accessories as well as small home decor and gifts. By 2014 the gift and home decor portion grew to where a second store was neccessary. Therefore today you will find Marcella's Home & Gifts just down the street from the clothing boutique.

Amongst the years we reamain true to our original dream: bringing fresh, fun, eclectic and affordable fashion to Denver. Today as always you can walk into our store and find the perfect dress, the top of your dreams or the best fiiting pants you will own, all for refreshingly affordable prices. 

Our environment is one where daughters, mothers, grandmothers and friends can find items they can afford and enjoy and that look fantastic on them! We want you to love shopping, to have fun, to enjoy our pretty things and above all to feel good about yourself! Our highly trained staff will listen to you and help you with any wardrobe or gifting needs.  

Let's have fun and be happy!